We all have that one thing we’ve been putting off fixing in our house, unfortunately busy schedules and life get in the way many times.  For you maybe its a door that doesn’t shut, or gets stuck.  How about an attic ladder that has seen better days. You may have a toilet that runs or a faucet that drips.

Instead of going through the hassle of trying to repair these things yourself, give us a call. We fix these on a weekly basis, and would be glad to help you get these items marked off your list!

What We Offer

Here are just some of the things we can fix or replace for you

Loose Handrail/Stair Posts
Stuck Doors
Dents/Dings/Holes in Walls
Toilet Repair/Replacement

Leaking Shower/Tub
Scary Attic Ladder
Anything you need!
Faucet/Disposal Repair & Replacement

Old Vent

New Vent